Monday, March 24, 2008

Got my dose of Vitamin D

It was only a shortish ride around the bays. Around 50km all up, mostly flat with a couple of hills thrown in. However I could feel that I was faster, and indeed I made it back home in record time. I hadn't counted on the Southerly though. I swear it was perfectly still at home in Mornington!

I'm getting better at taking in water on my bike. When riding with Gearshifters we stop so often that it's easy to get lazy and just drink while stationary. However I can't do that when I'm riding the Grape Ride, so today I made myself practice at regular intervals. I'm still going to wear a Camelbak, but I get so thirsty when riding that I'll need all the fluids I can get.

After a scenic ride, and in the best mood I've been in for a while on my bike, I cruised up Happy Valley at a remarkably fast pace. Did someone say tail wind?

It's just a shame my hip was a bit sore afterwards. I am definitely calling the massage therapist first thing tomorrow.

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