Monday, March 24, 2008

Nelson/Golden Bay, February 2008

This was the end goal - a pint at the Mussel Inn in Golden Bay. This has to be one of our favourite pubs, and we got to know a fair few of them on this holiday. However the Mussel will always have a special place in our hearts.

First though, we started our holiday by spending a night here, at Ruby Bay. Ruby Bay is a lovely campsite about fifteen minutes out of Nelson. It is owned jointly by the local council and DOC. Super cheap, it only costs $4 a night, and the tariff is collected every evening by friendly caretaker Ken on his mountain bike. The showers are cold water only, and you either bring your own cooking equipment or use one of the on-site barbeques, but everything is scrupulously clean.

The first night we bought a hot chicken from a supermarket in Nelson. Here I am walking back down the beach after dinner.

Here's Hamish inflating our air bed next to Piglet and Lola. As you can see, Lola clashed terribly with Piglet.

Being so cheap the campsite tends to attract both families and housetruckers. There's a fair amount of local colour. These were some of our neighbours, and I recognised them from the last three years we've stayed at Ruby Bay. When we arrived their stereo was cranking out some fairly good classic rock. We all sat round and shared a few beers, and they were all passed out well before 10.00pm.

The next morning I ate my breakfast looking out at this view.

Then it was off to Golden Bay for a couple of days, then up the mountain for Luminate.

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