Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cycling Karma

When I missed last Sunday's ride it was a perfect morning for cycling: warm, sunny and still.

Tonight it's pouring with rain and the wind is howling. The prediction for the morning isn't any better.

I can't afford to miss two Sunday rides in a row. So I guess this is the point where I suck it up and get hard.

In other news, I had to take Lola to Capital Cycles today for a quick checkup. H had put her in the car for me earlier in the week derailleur-side down and had bent it slightly. Five minutes and $5 later Lola was good to go again.

I miss Crankworks though ...


Sass said...

I hope your ride went well this morning! The impression that I got from looking outside this morning was that it was wetter but less windy than yesterday arvo

Pip said...

Yeah, the lack of wind was a good thing and the rain eased off. Could have been worse! I sooooo wanted to stay in bed though.