Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today started with a commute into town on Lola, in which I succesffully negotiated the traffic-light hell that is Willis Street post-Bypass.  I didn't kill myself and I got to my desk before 7.30 a.m.  I'd left home stupidly early to ensure there was minimal traffic on the road.

By 3.00 I'd handed over the first draft of my project schedule to our administrator for collation with the rest of the programme schedules.  Not bad, considering that two weeks ago I had only just taken up the project manager role and had to start creating the thing from scratch, having never used Microsoft Project before.  Over the last couple of days I've also managed to identify a major risk to the project, which can be mitigated if we prioritise work on one of our products.  

To add to that, I've also put together a rough draft of a project work plan, which the programme manager will be able to use to feed into the programme work plan, which is due to go to our steering committee in a few weeks.  
By 5.00 I was exhausted and our team headed off to Liquidate for a quick glass of wine to celebrate our achievements.  By 6.00 I was getting changed back into my cycling gear, and then
itwas a slow 25km ride home around the Bays to the wind wand, through Kilbirnie to Lyall Bay, and back up to Brooklyn through Happy Valley.

The bike kicked my butt tonight, but I guess it's not that surprising.  My candle-burned-at-both ends day followed on from yesterday's morning of hard-core upper body and core weights and evening manic RPM.  My quads were already pretty dead.  On the positive side I only got overtaken by a couple of fit male road cyclists, and I even overtook one (though to be fair he was just coasting).  It was pretty
demoralising though to be overtaken on Happy Valley Rd as though I were standing still.  

It was a beautiful evening (even with the headwind on the South Coast) and I should have enjoyed myself, but I was just kind of over it.  I have to remember how much of a psychological challenge running used to be when i first started.  Now running is a release for me.  At the moment cycling is still just physically and mentally hard.  At least with running I'm on a footpath or trail.  When I'm cycling there are cars, potholes, gravel and glass.  There are traffic lights and intersections and decisions to be made about where to place myself on the road and whether to unclip or gamble on a red changing to green.  

I'm looking forward to the day that I find cycling as relaxing as I find running.  Until then I'll aim to commute to work at least once a week.  I'll just force myself to have fun, damn it!


Kate said...

Nice work! You're far braver than I am on the bike- the idea of town in the morning makes me shiver!

Bruce said...

Biking going well by the sounds of it! Bet its a relief to know the cause of those cramps and stuff.

Pip said...

Yeah, biking in town isn't the most relaxing thing ever! Believe me, I'm just pretending to be brave. I still claim to be one of the wimpiest cyclists ever...

As for the cramps, I had my first B12 shot today (though I'm still not clear as to whether I have Pernicious Anaemia or not), and tonight at least my feet haven't been cramping. It's early days, as the cliche goes, so I'll have to see how I feel after a few big workouts. I've also increased my Fludrocortisone, which helps regularise my electrolytes, so that will help relieve the cramping (and will hopefully also help me stop dehydrating so badly when I run). Apparently my aldesterone levels were too low and my renin levels too high. You people with immune systems that work properly don't know how lucky you are!!

Bruce said...

Have a good ride down south and make sure you stop in at a few of the wineries down there!

Fi said...

Hi Pip - good on ya girl. Funny about your work - you're doing what I do!
That's great about the cycling (we're going to get into it more when we get home in Jan), also enjoy the B12 shots - I've heard they're pretty good stuff. Mmmm concentrated Vegemite!

xx Fi