Friday, January 18, 2008



On Thursday morning I did 40 minutes on an exercycle on a hill setting.  Duck then took me through a heap of walking lunges, one legged-squats, squats down onto a bosu ball (leaning
back on the ball into a boat pose), and a few other functional exercises I don't know the name
of.  This morning I did RPM with Dee.  Despite keeping the dial lighter than I've done in a
year or so my glutes are KILLING me.  The buns of steel better be worth it ...

Like Curly Su I'm going to have to declare this the year of the bike.  In fact, if I could borrow 
(steal) her masthead and get away with it I would!  All that talk of Cortisone injections 
was what it took to finally get me out of my running shoes.  After my ride on Saturday I did 
another RPM on Sunday afternoon, then somehow managed to follow that up with RPM on 
and Tuesday as well. That made for seven days in a row on my bike or in a spin class, with
Balance and weights thrown in.  It seemed prudent to take Wednesday off, especially with
Duck on Thursday morning.  

Which leaves me here on a Friday night pondering spending a couple of hours on my bike in
the morning, when I can barely sit on the sofa right now.  Duck mentioned that she might possibly ride with me, but her plans now involve an early morning run and a few hours of work, so it looks like I'll be on my own.  This is a good thing in that it means not killing myself by trying to keep up, but a bad thing in that it means I'm likely to decide that I'm too sore to do any real hillage.

The plan at the moment is to ride around the Bays, nip up to the prison, then ride home again 
via Happy Valley.  There, I've said it now so I'll have to do it.  On the other hand, it's a long 
weekend here, so I've got Sunday and Monday to pursue incline.  

In the meantime ... ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.


Kate said...

Your text is coming up all funny for me- all the sentences are chopped off. Good luck with the ride- prison is impressive!

I'm fending off a cold so we spent this morning pottling round featherston on the flats at a nice easy pace. But any time on the bike is worth it!

Pip said...

Arrghhh - the text issue is driving me crazy. I'm using Opera at the moment because Firefox is running too slowly on my old Mac, but Opera is really buggy with Blogger. I'm going to have to go back to typing my entries in Word and then cutting and pasting ...

My ride today was rather embarrassingly short. I wonder if it was as windy around Featherston as it was here? I have a particular aversion to my bike being blown across the road with me still on it! I'm going to try again in the morning and get up a bit earlier in the hope of avoiding the worst of the South Easterlies. I'm having a rather frustrating day today!

Kate said...

Featherston was *quite* windy, but no hideous cross winds, and the sort of headwinds I could ride 20kph into without undue exertion. So I'd say town was a good sight windier..

Catherine said...

James Brown's most recent poetry book was "The Year of the Bicycle"...