Sunday, January 13, 2008


Ouch, my neck and shoulders are killing me.  Well I drop my head when I do sprint starts, so I guess it stands to reason that I drop my head on my bike when I'm getting tired.  Oh well, at least my legs feel fine!

Yesterday's ride was great for my psychologically.  Today I found a great women's cycling forum, and now 
I feel ready to develop a new obsession.  If only the weather agreed.  I'm not going to apologise
for not riding today in the gales that are blowing past our lounge window.  I had a lazy start
to today, lying in bed till late.  Hamish cooked up some chicken bacon served on a fruit muffin (yum) for breakfast, and I made some curried kumara soup for lunch.  By 3.30 I was ready for some exercise, so I took off down to Extreme for an unscheduled RPM.  As has become the
norm of late, I sweated buckets and left a pool underneath my bike.  

Ironically my ankle's feeling good again.  So I'll stay off it for the rest of the week and see how it goes.  I want to start riding into work as the weather allows, so that will help add to my weekly exercise tally.

Kate, I'm meeting my trainer Duck on Tuesday to talk about my new programme leading up to the Grape Ride, so once I know what I'm going to be doing I'll drop you a line.  You're welcome
to join me if you don't mind my total newbieness!  

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