Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Number three and counting?

So I had a phonecall from my endocrinologist today with the first series of results from that HUGE blood draw yesterday. Most of the results so far have come back unproblematic, although my thyroid replacement still needs careful monitoring. However there's one sneaky little test which is causing us some concern right now.

According to the endo my B12 levels are too low. She thinks I may have pernicious anaemia. For the record, that would make a total of three (count them) autoimmune disorders. The lab is doing another set of tests to check for antibodies. I should hopefully have the results in a few days.

The second the endo told me this something went off in my head, and the first thing I asked
was whether PA could cause pins and needles. Sure enough, pins and needles are one of the symptoms, and for about the last year I've been waking at night with exactly that. A quick look at the list of typical
symptoms revealed muscle cramps and spasms (alarm bells started going off in my
mind at this point) and a rapid heart rate (just last night I was lying in bed wondering
why my heart was racing, and the last few runs I've done have seen my heartrate skyrocketing).

Not wanting to count my chickens before they hatch and all that, but if I do have PA it would explain a few things. In particular it would explain the way my hamstrings and hip flexors
cramp at the slightest provocation, and why my feet cramp up all the time. Of course, the cramps could
be the simple side effect of the intensity with which I train, so let's wait and see what the
tests say.

On the postive side, treatment is a simple case of getting a B12 shot every three months, which is a small price to pay for being cramp-free. There are worse autoimmune disorders I could have developed.


Catherine said...

I didn't know pernicious anaemia was an autoimmune disorder (but I did know that it was treated with B12 - have heard Indian vegetarians tend to get pernicious anaemia when they move to the UK because they are no longer getting soil microorganisms in their diet, the veges in the western world are too clean!)
I hope you continue to feel completely well - with no pins and needles

Pip said...

Thanks! Still waiting on the test results, but from what I've read about PA, it does sound like me. Now I just want to get a B12 shot to see if I can solve the muscle soreness and cramping problems I keep having.