Sunday, January 06, 2008


Happiness today is remembering the Kawakawa tea I found when I was cleaning out the pantry (thanks Leonie), and the teddy-bear shaped tea strainer my host mother gave me back in 1990 (forgotten in a kitchen drawer and now refound).

Happiness is putting a Fly My Pretties CD into the CD player and hearing Module's piano playing coming through the speakers Hamish borrowed from Soundline some years back.  Happiness is curling up on the sofa with my music and my tea and reading some more of "A Million Little Pieces", which I bought at Ferrit secondhand books yesterday, and which kept me on the sofa all afternoon while Hamish was painting the roof (and while I should have been gardening).

Happiness was a good, relatively painfree half hour run on the treadmill this afternoon, during which time my body purred with pleasure.  Tomorrow - the Bays!  Happiness was following the run up with Balance, even despite the realisation that I have a lot of work ahead to get back to where I was before Christmas!

Back to work tomorrow and the house is clean, the kitchen cupboards tidy, the roof painted and the garden mostly weeded.  I feel like I'm only just starting to slow down, to the extent that I didn't wake this morning until 9.30, after weeks of being awake with the dawn.  There were things I didn't do, but there were unexpected things that more than made up for them.  

Hamish and I spent an amazing night in Ohariu Valley at (Groovin) Pete and Kathy's new house on a lifestyle block.  The night before Sarah and I were supposed to have cycled to Makara Hamish and I lay in bed in the Ohariu guest room and listened to gale force winds threatening to blow the house away.  Not such a good day to go cycling to Makara then.  Instead I rode Kathy's beautiful horse Willow around and around their arena until the poor creature nearly fell asleep with boredom (Willow, not Kathy).

A night or two later we celebrated Siobhan's birthday with her on a lovely warm evening in 
Titahi Bay.  Summer has arrived at the exact time it was supposed to, and the rain is coming 
only now as we prepare to return to work.     

I guess it would be foolish to wish for winter to arrive so that I can wear my fabulous vintage coat then right?  


Catherine said...

Happy New Year! My ideal weather would be around 20 degrees, with long light evenings so I can walk up the hills after work - down here, we have been topping 30 degrees and it's a bit hot for gardening and exercising in.
I fear that unlike you I'm going to be going back to work with the house still not clean and the garden not weeded. And as for painting - no, none of that. (I suspect the paint would dry on the brush, almost!) still, I've enjoyed the break and I'm really glad it's a better summer than last year.

Pip said...

It's definitely a better summer, although poor Hamish nearly fried on our roof yesterday. Today was overcast with a breeze - far better conditions!

I've just ticked another item off my list - I've updated my blog template and I'm starting to update my links list as well. Phew!

By the way - I think it's far more important to enjoy the break than to head back to work with a clean house, but feeling no more relaxed than before the holiday!