Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pip Rides Round the Mountain

Well, I made it round the Yarrows Cycle Challenge today - riding over 150km round Taranaki. Just a quick post now as I'm off to New Plymouth soon for prize giving. In summary though, it was hot and it hurt. I made it round in under six hours, which was what I wanted, but I should have been a lot faster than I was. I knew right away that I wasn't quite right. My legs were missing something. I forced myself to eat and drink constantly to keep myself going. The climb from Opunake through to Kaponga was particularly nasty and I lost time here as I slowed right down. Stopping at Kaponga helped and I should have done so earlier. I got a bit of a surge after that and found someone to ride with. Mike from Lower Hutt and I rode the rest of the way together and I think he saved me (though he reckons I saved him).

It was hot, there was very little wind, and despite drinking a truckload I'm dehydrated and I'm sunburned as well. It was a gorgeous day and I did enjoy most of it. It definitely felt harder than Taupo and that seems to be a common opinion. At least with Taupo you get some nice downhills. Around Taranaki you seem to be constantly on a gradual climb!

First event of 2009 done and dusted. Next up the Grape Ride.


Calyx Meredith said...

Of course I have no reference for any of the places that you name, but they sound challenging. :D Congrats on a strong ride.

Dusty said...

Well done Pip! You finished and probably learned a thing or two to do differently next time.

Finishing is FANTASTIC!

I hope you won prizes!

Marshmallow said...

Yaaaaaaaay! :-D Well done, good thing you!