Thursday, January 01, 2009

The dirty secret at the bottom of the garden

The view from the bottom of the garden is picture-postcard and framed by Ponga and Cabbage Tree, but lurking amongst the shadows was a remarkable amount of rubbish!

The garden waste not suitable for mulching. This will all have to be carted to the top of the section and taken off to the landfill.

The huge pile of rubbish that was hiding under the weeds. A television, an old wall heater, a fan heater, downpiping, guttering, bathroom fittings, old timber, countless rubbish bags, bottles, cans, chocolate bar wrappers, empty tobacco packets, spray bottles, plastic containers, garden gloves, carpet underlay, pegs, marbles (!), a blue tile and other, random detritus.

If we'd known it was going to be this bad I don't think we would have started. Hamish keeps reminding me that one day there will be a lovely box vegetable garden growing here. It's just going to take a little bit longer than planned.


Sass said...

Who needs the gym when you've got crazy garden hijinks eh?;p

Pip said...

Yeah, but the gym's still all good anyway! Having done RPM this morning my exercise is out of the way for the day and I'm planning some serious sofa time!

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