Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Lazy Morning in Mornington

Still too horrid out there to ride, unless I want to be blown all the way to Palmerston North. I'm trying to summon up the motivation to go for a run.

I forgot to point out the implications of starting our ride half an hour late yesterday. If we'd left on time we would have been well into the Makara loop when the storm hit. We would have been stuck in a rural valley with no shelter and no way out other than to keep riding. There would likely as not have been no cell phone coverage and hence no rescue. We would have had to keep going through solid rain and cold gales for another hour or so.

I'm normally one for punctuality, but I'm quite glad for people sleeping in yesterday!


leonie said...

that looks like a fantastically lazy morning. where's ede? still in bed i suppose!

seems like sleeping, or at least sleeping in was definitely the best thing


Pip said...

Ede was asleep in the kitty house. Madam sleeps most of the time these days! I think she's asleep on the polar fleece blanket on the bed at the moment.

I'm having a couch hour myself but am about to migrate out to the sunny garden with a book. First day at home on my own as H went back to work this morning. I could get used to this!