Thursday, October 12, 2006


I was sitting here reading other posts to Poetry Thursday when I was suddenly gripped by an amazingly vivid flashback. I felt myself physically return to a time when I was filled with fear and anxiety, and I felt my legs stiffening and the vertigo starting to grip my head. I felt that way for only a second, and then I snapped out of it again, but it was enough to just briefly throw me for a six. I used to feel that way all the time. I feel so sad for that scared creature. I wish I could hug her and make her believe that everything will be ok, and that, in fact, things will end up being pretty fantastic in just a few years.

I said tonight that I was still getting to know the new me. I'm not so sure I recognise the old me either.

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Michelle Fry said...

Interesting post. I used to have generalized anxiety with frequent panic attacks. It's hard to believe now because I feel so much different. Like you, I wish I could go back to the scared creature of my former self and say, "It's going to all be okay".