Sunday, October 29, 2006

Inspiration. You have been warned...

So I spoke at the Jog Squad/Women's Multis info session today. It's hard not to sound evangelistic about something that's changed my life so radically, but I did my best to control the enthusiasm. It was a miracle that I was there at all. I got soaked in the Sanctuary this morning with little result, got home, showered, got warm and was not in the mood to go out into gale Northwesterlies and pouring rain.

With Duck on one shoulder and Lesleigh on the other I made it to the pool before 6. Things didn't exactly go smoothly. I still can't work out how to breathe using the kickboard without ended up gasping for air, and the earplugs just refused to feel comfortable. There were a couple of girls messing around with the aquajogging toys and generally getting in the way, and I seemed to be having my usual panic-after-a-breakthrough pool session.

I could have just given in and taken it easy on myself, but I perservered and spent quite a bit of time holding onto the side of the pool practising my breathing. Every time I stick my head under the water it gets easier. Time and time again I tried relaxing while resting my hands on the side of the pool and trying to float. At first, as with previous attempts, I sank like the proverbial stone. Float, damn it!

Finally, I drew break, dunked my head, lifted my torso, relaxed my shoulders, drew my legs in slightly and held myself still. And guess what? I floated.

Let me say that again... I floated!

At the grand age of 33 and a half I floated for the first time ever. I am the starfish queen. Everybody now together... do the Pip celebration dance. Wohoo! Women's Multis starts on 21 November. I WILL be swimming with the squad!

In other momentous news... as I stepped from the shower my greenstone necklace came unclasped, fell to the ground and broke in half. For a few minutes I felt absolutely bereft. However it doesn't seem to me to be a coincidence that I've lost my pendant just as I've internalised the strength and determination I always felt it represented to me. I want more than ever to have the mako tattooed on my shoulder now, so that I always remember what I am carrying inside me. I guess it broke because I didn't need it any more.

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