Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cure for a Hangover

A housewarming party at Julia's with the girls from work turned a little debaucherous last night and I found myself in the back of a cab at around 12.30am having drunk over a bottle of red wine. A chilli and cheese pie soon followed.

I woke at 7.30am with the words "Oh my God" echoing through my head. A litre of water and an apple later and I was feeling no better. I dozed while listening to National Radio until the 9.00am news, then started crawling around the house in preparation for RPM.

I'm keeping off my knee until Monday and am a little more hopeful it will be ok. I was almost tempted to go for a short run today, but thought better of it and stuck to the RPM plan. I was still horrifically hung over, but desperate to sweat out a few toxins.

I got to the gym just after 10am and did 20 minutes on a crosstrainer before grabbing an RPM bike. At first nothing wanted to work. My body felt sluggish - the remains of last night's overindulgence sloshing around in my veins. Every time I tried to ease off something in my head said that there was no point being there if I was going to waste my time. In short, I ignored my headache and queasiness, turned up the dial and went hard. Very hard. Every time I thought I was gong easy on myself I cranked up the dial. This was penance.

I took a quick break, grabbed a protein shake, then it was into Body Balance. Sarah was there, as was an equally hung over Louise. Ingrid and several of the jog squadders were also in attendance.

Body Balance went well. I felt strong, if not completely supple. Some of the back stretches made me feel more than a little ill. My balance has, however, improved hugely, although my right glut still aches. My Warrior poses felt firm and my knee held up well. We did a release that I was not familiar with, but I really enjoyed the Tai Chi. I left the class feeling a little cleansed, if still slightly hung over. I also left feeling grateful for the lovely women who were at the class who I count as my friends.

Duck has asked me to organise the Jog Squad team for the Heartbeat Challenge. I'm a bit nervous, but it should be fun. I am truly a gym junkie...

No swimming though. Louise and I checked out Zigarat for second hand clothes instead. I'll go tomorrow after the Sanctuary.

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