Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yay for good runs! Yay thinking "there's no way I'm making it from the gym up to the dairy on Adelaide Rd and back in half an hour", then actually doing it. Yay for running fast and not stopping. Yay for stretching afterwards. Yay for running with lovely women whose company I enjoy.

Yay for remembering my body is not my enemy. I am good enough as I am. I have nothing to prove.

Since this writing thing began I've hardly read at all, and most of what I have read has been other women's blogs. I used to get fidgety if I didn't have something on the go. I know I used to distract myself in books. Instead of reading I'm now putting things out there myself. Now the urge has started it is proving very difficult to stop. So why stop?

This post doesn't really have a point, other to fill the urge to put something out there. There's a cat fighting to get access to my lap and a pillow with my name on it. I will dream of the Sistine Chapel and Italians drunk on World Cup success, and Sarah in the middle of it all while I sleep. Party girl, party!

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