Saturday, July 08, 2006

The running mojo's back!

Woohoo... exercise is the solution to everything... After a miserable couple of weeks in triage mode I did an RPM class on Friday morning, went way too hard, and fussed around stretching out my ITBS and piriformis to try to compensate. Then I got up this morning to one of those classic Wellington-on-a-good-day kind of days. Sun, and not even that cold! I'd arranged to meet some girls from the Jog Squad down at Te Papa, so headed off to the gym first for another stretch, then wandered down and waited in the sun. While waiting I had a chat to some lovely old kuia who'd been at Te Papa at 4am for the opening of the Mo Tatou Ngai Tahu Whanui exhibition.

They were all looking tired but happy, and it was great to talk to them. If I'd gone in to check out the exhibition then and there I would have gotten in free, but I'll have to go back another time and pay the entry fee. Judging by the pride of the women I spoke to, it will be worth it.

By 10am I'd had one text from Allie, who had slept in, and no shows from everyone else. I set off on my own. I wore my old shoes, and am now convinced my new ones are the devil's spawn. They are so stiff they make me run like a clown - splat splat splat. I'm sure it's the new shoes that caused my injuries and sore knees...

Anyway, I was supposed to do an easy half hour run, so setting off at a good pace I ran from Te Papa to the Shell Station, then turned back around and ran around Oriental Bay. Turning back I ran back to the gym. It's the school holidays so there were young families everywhere, it was warm, there was only a light breeze, and the harbour looked gorgeous. I ended up running for around 40 minutes and was seriously tempted to try for 10km, but thought that would be pushing it. I did contemplate an RPM class on my return to the gym though! I had another good stretch afterwards, and felt really pleased with how I'd gone. It occured to me that I'd panicked at the first setback, and that there's no reason why I won't be able to work through everything and still do the half-marathon in October. Yay!

After my run Hamish met me in town and we had lunch at Expressoholic. Mmmm... corn fritters. Then we walked over to the World Press Photo Exhibition, which was beautiful but depressing. We humans can be pretty horrid people. After that we staggered back towards town. Walking around on concrete in high heeled boots was not terribly good for me. By the end of it all my butt was incredibly sore!

We've got tickets for It's All Gone Pete Tong at 4.30, so we're heading back into town soon. What an excellent day!

Although I haven't yet achieved one of my goals for today. What do you get a woman for a baby shower? Ideas?!!

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