Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Much More Awesome Can Today Get?

  • Tea with Jo at Liquidate before work
  • A good weights workout
  • Wellington elects a green mayor
  • The Chilean miners are finally being rescued
  • The sun shone all day
  • I had the most awesome run ever in the Tinakori Hills
  • When I got home there was cider and curry waiting
Yes, today was one of those runs. I haven't run up in the Hills for months so didn't know how it would feel. I left my Garmin behind and decided that my main objective was simply to not walk the hills. However walking was never on the cards. I drifted up Wadestown Rd and into the town belt with my heartrate never even spiking. By the time I got onto the walkway I knew I was more trail fit than I'd realised so I bounced blissfully round my old loop, regretfully coming back out at Glenmore Rd and ducking back down through the Gardens to the office.

The weather was perfect tonight for a trail run - just cool enough and wind free. It reminded me again of the kind of running I really enjoy, the kind of running I want to do more of. I had a smile all afternoon after Hamish sent me a text to tell me Celia had been elected. I had an even bigger smile and a good dose of runner's high after that workout.

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