Thursday, October 07, 2010

Feel Free to Hate Me

I love it when I get to work out in Frank Kitts on mornings like this.

Duck's early morning group training stretching at the end of their workout before my session.

I took these photos after cycling into town to meet Duck for our workout.

Such a hardship! I worked for four hours then cycled back home again via the Southern Coast. By that point a sneaky southerly wind had crept in so I gutted it out on exhausted legs. Rest tomorrow - phew!


Leonie said...

Those photos totally prove that you really can't beat Wellington on a good day!

Pip said...

Pity the Southerly had gotten up again by the time I went to cycle home but yeah, it was very spectacular and made me very happy to be out there and not in some smelly, noisy gym!

Kate said...

I sure do!

Sass said...

It was a stunning morning - actually, the second of the week I think?

Re that second pic, someone made a Titanic comment when we were doing the stretch;p