Saturday, December 05, 2009

Guess what I did today?

Walked for five minutes then ran eight sets of one minute slow jogging intervals, with ninety seconds of rest in between. I then went on to walk for at least another half hour.

I could have run more but I wanted to start out with a Couch to 5K run just to make sure I wasn't going to do myself any damage. I was running so slowly that I never broke a sweat, despite it being really warm out there. My legs however - boy am I going to have to start hitting the lower body weights.

I still have the same issues with a tight, pulsing feeling in my neck and head and I've been letting the anxiety get the better of me. I'm still having the same problem with standing up or moving my head too quickly and I'm still taking sleeping pills. I hate having to do so but I need the sleep. However the more I get up and do the better I feel. Sitting around thinking too much makes things worse.

I have to hold onto the hope that I WILL get better. I'm seeing a physio, accupuncturist, massage therapist and cranial osteopath. However nothing much is happening at the moment because I'm so stressed I spasm up again as soon as I walk from the therapy room. I really just have to give myself permission to relax and to get better, but that's not as easy as it sounds!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to walk/run a 10k race in Belmont. Unfortunately it looks like the weather's going to turn bad before then. Today it feels like summer here for a change!


Michele said...


Like you I used to be a runner and after a long break (8 months in my case), I am working the C25K. I just finished week 7. I am loving it. Usually when I start again after a break, I oush myself to fast to get back to my old fitness level and end up being sore for weeks. I have had no soreness this time.
I hope you heal quickly so you can pursue your dreams.

Dusty said...

Pip, you're doing great with your recovery. Baby steps will get you a long way when you're consistent. Although you're going through so many struggles right now, you're learning so many valuable lessons!

Well done, keep up the good work!!!!

:) Dusty

Lisa said...


I just popped over from Leonie's site. I'm SO sorry to hear of your health struggle.

I haven't read all the details of your situation, but have you visited a chiropractor? (Perhaps that is the same as your cranial osteopath?)

Anyway, my niece had similar symptoms and found great relief from regular chiropractic spinal adjustments.

I'm saying healing prayers for you across the miles...

And wishing you peace.