Monday, December 21, 2009


I really hope this stops being a documentation of my crummy health some time soon, however today I have some (hopefully) good news to report. I'm not going crazy!

I went to an Optometrist today to see if I could get some answers as to why my eyesight felt all crazy. By some extremely lucky coincidence he had had a patient with Hydrocephalus before. He started off by telling me a big long story about some issues he'd had with treating her vision problems. We went through the usual tests, which were all fine, then he through in another test and, well hey, Houston we have a problem.

Turns out I have EXACTLY the same problem she had. He likened it to being vertically cross-eyed, as in my eyes aren't working together properly. It explains the strange visual issues, the unsteadiness, and even the neck issues. He guessed that I might be having a tendency to tilt my head to the right, and guess what? I am! Apparently that's an innate attempt to try to correct the eye problem, and it's causing my neck muscles to seize up.

Needless to say he's writing a letter to my GP, and I have an appointment with her tomorrow, and he's strongly recommending we get in touch with the Neurologist again. Of course now we're butting up against Christmas, so I may just have to deal for a couple of weeks. I have (don't laugh) a few tips, including covering one eye (and even a nifty wear-at-home children's eye patch) and he's bent my glasses to sit slightly crookedly.

It's nice to know that I'm not imagining things, but it's frustrating as all heck to have to deal with, especially when there is no quick solution. He can treat the eye problems with new lenses, but there's a bigger question as to whether I need more surgery.

So I'm not done with being a medical drama yet!


Sass said...

And it's taken visiting how many professionals to finally get you some useful advice?? Still, better late than never eh, and a stroke of luck that the optometrist had seen similar before!

I hope you have a fabulous Christmas anyway! Are you off up to the 'Naki or hanging round in Welly?

Mike said...

Good news!

Pip said...

Thanks guys.
Sass - I'm not allowed to drive right now, so H and I are driving up to Stratford on Christmas day, back the next day. We'll be in Welly over the break.

Michelle said...

Ahoy Matey (bad joke about eye patch). It's great that the eye doctor had seen a patient with the same issue. I hope you don't have to have more surgery but I know you can handle it if you do. Hang in there. Lots of people are really rooting for you.

Anonymous said...
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