Monday, November 30, 2009

One month post-surgery

Well, apparently it can take six weeks or more to feel normal after an endoscopic third ventriculostomy. I wish they had told me that when I left the hospital, or I wouldn't have spent the last month trying to get back to a routine that I clearly wasn't ready for. I had an appointment today with a really sweet Neurosurgical registrar who very gently told me to stop stressing out and that everything was fine. He may even have laughed at me, but in the nicest possible way. He showed me my three CAT scans, pre-surgery, two days post, and the one I had last week. They clearly show things are returning to a proper size. He also told me that the pounding feeling I've been feeling when I stand up is to be expected.

I actually had a great day yesterday. The weather was stunning and Hamish and I finally got the vege garden planted. Unfortunately I then spent the night tossing and turning in another bout of hellish insomnia. There can be nothing worse than lying there wanting to sleep and being absolutely exhausted but being unable to drop off. At 5.30 I finally gave up and formed a nest for myself on the sofa where I read until Hamish got up to go to work.

Unfortunately with all that tossing and turning I've spasmed up my neck muscles again, and I can quite categorically state that it is my neck which has been causing that pounding sensation at the base of my skull. I am really annoyed with myself, but I know that I can deal with it again and that massage will help. I did, however, beg my GP for some more sleeping pills. I am developing an absolute hatred of Valerian and I need a break for a night or two. A couple of stress free sleeps and I'll try sleeping sedative-free again.

Onwards and upwards I guess. I did at least get in around 40 minutes of walking between the hospital and the GP's office, exploring some new trails I didn't know existed. Now it's raining very softly in the most romantic kind of way. There is no wind out and the tui are singing loudly in the Norfolk pine. Now all I need is some sleep!


Mike said...

I know it won't make you feel any better but I have the opposite problem. I can't keep awake! I have a kip after dinner and then I'm ready for bed before 10pm. I'm ready for the taper (1 week to go!).

Glad you've found out that how you're feeling is to be expected. Do they know you are an endurance bunny though and that you NEED to workout :)

Take it easy and watch those veggies grow :)

Pollyanna_H said...

Glad you have been assured that you're on the right path Pip! Best wishes for the sleeping - did you get zopliclone / imovane? (My favourite!!)

Pip said...

Pollyanna: I got the Zopliclone. I'm so paranoid about getting addicted, but I can't have another night like last night again!

Mike: I'm so excited for you! Still holding out for the sub-six? I'm allowed to exercise as long as I drink plenty of liquids, however I just haven't felt up to it so far. Hopefully this week. I think that's a good part of the reason why I haven't been sleeping.

leonie said...

you know i am thinking of you (at least i hope you do)!

much love from over the seas

Anonymous said...
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Sass said...

Just make sure when you do make your glorious come back (and I have absolutely NO doubt that it'll happen) that you don't do it too hard and/or become even more awesome than before - it's hard for us mere mortals to keep up with;p Oh yeah, and you need to take care of yourself!!

Pip said...

I don't know about becoming more awesome than before, but I know I'll be incredibly grateful for the gift of good health and, as corny as it sounds, for life itself. Phew!