Thursday, September 25, 2008


Woohoot because I had a very interesting conversation today which, even if it doesn't go in the most obvious direction, had several intriguing offshoots which could lead even more interesting places (and yes, I know that's cryptic. It's meant to be).

Woohoot because it was spring today. I mean really spring. I mean sun and sweet smells in the air and being outside without several layers of clothing and not dying of cold.

Woohoot because I carried one of Cleo's tires with me to work today to take to a cycle maintenance worshop tonight and the cycle courier in the lift commented on my "nice rims". Yeah, I got rims baby!

Woohoot because the guy in Shoe Clinic also felt compelled to comment on my nice wheel. Mmmhmmm...

Woohoot because I can now clean my bike and adjust my chain and do other cool little things that I should have learned last time I did a cycle maintenance workshop but was too girly to pay attention to.

And woohoot most of all because we're riding Makara on Saturday. Oh yes.

There are times when life fills me with a joy that manifests in pure energy and everything seems good in the world. Today was one of those days. There is change in the air and opportunities emerging with the change of season. I'm riding again!


Ryan said...

Good stuff Pip! Yes wish it was spring here, but fall in New England is nice with the changing of leaves and cooler weather but it only means winter is just around the corner. Happy cycling

Anonymous said...

Oh god my ribs are hurting from the laughter! The pain! Tears like niagra falls!