Thursday, September 18, 2008


Or Pip gets things done and nurses a quiet sense of achievement.

It has truly been a good week. Yes, it's been another of those weeks where my fitness levels have taken a jump. This week it's been about bike fitess, and it's not surprising really. Consider this:

Saturday: Gearshifters time trial and ride through Brooklyn
Sunday: Homework ride - around three hours including some hills
Monday: Commute to work, circuit workout, hour ride home
Tuesday: RPM and Balance
Wednesday: 20-10-20 time trial on spin bike, leg weights session
Thursday: Upper body weights session, RPM

You know how I was complaining about my heart rate during Wednesday's time trial? Well in RPM today my heart rate stayed stubbornly low. I could get it up to around 140 and I got it up to 150 a couple of times. I managed to get it to 160 once, and that was during a particularly gruelling power interval on the last hill track. I was absolutely dying and couldn't have sustained that level of exertion for any longer. How did I ever manage to get my heartrate over 170? Hmmm, interesting.

My only regret is the absence of any running. However this week's workouts weren't very long, just numerous. Next week I'll try to fit a bit more running in again. My legs are feeling it of course, but a rest day tomorrow will do them good and I'll be good to go on Saturday, when Dee says we will be riding hills. Yay!

Of course I raved to Grant at Penny's about how much I was loving Cleo yesterday. The guys fitted some spacers on my brake levers (so I can actually reach them from the drops now) and a cycle computer. She's all new again and I'm looking forward to Saturday's ride. The weather forecast is looking good. The only question is whether I will be too hung over from dinner at Maria Pia's to fit in a one and a half hour hill ride on Sunday. My aim is to try to fit it in before everyone else surfaces, then get home around the time they are all thinking about blueberry pancakes. It would be rude to disappear for too long when we have guests from London! I plan to ride from home down Farnham Street, up Alexandra Rd, down Carlton Gore, around the Bays to Mt Crawford, down and back around back up to Mornington again. I can always fit in some hill repeats somewhere.

Oh, and the blitzing? Today I managed 27 full pull-ups - 10, 10 and 7! I totally wiped out my previous record ... Pleased much? Oh yes!

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