Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dalek Cookies

Apologies for the poor quality PXT. Hilarity took over the kitchen today. First I added too much water to the cookie mix. I had cookie dough all over my hands like some strange Dr Who alien invasion. Hamish came to the rescue, adding flour to my sticky hands until I was eventually able to rescue the situation and create something that looked like cookie dough. I rolled out the dough onto the bench, but then discovered I hadn't floured the bench enough and that the cookies were stuck fast. I smooshed up the dough again, liberally dusted the bench with flour (and myself and the floor and the cupboards at the same time) and tried again. Eventually I ended up with acceptable Dalek cutouts. I then spent another few minutes adding rice crisps to the cookies before bumping them and sending rice crispies flying everywhere.

It took a fair bit longer than the eight minutes the box gave as the cooking time but eventually we had some cooked Daleks cooling on the stovetop. I was decorating them with the orange paste when the buyer of my bike turned up with his two adorable young girls in tow. Afterwards I regreted not offering them one each.

There's a reason I don't bake very often!

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