Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are You Sick of Me Raving About My Bike Yet?

Another week down, a shift in focus. Tuesday went exactly as planned. I did Balance at lunchtime and had a great class. Margaret was teaching and went through the tentire latest release. The hip track really works for me.

After work I hustled down to Extreme to fit in as much of a weights workout as I could before Dee started teaching RPM at 6.40. I rummaged through my bag to grab some Hydrocortisone only to discover the pills were missing. I'd forgotten to put them back in my bag after moving them into my cycling bag on Sunday. I did a quick calculation. I had enough time to dash back to the office for my spare stash, but that would mean not being able to do any weights. I really didn't feel like rushing around either. Did I have enough cortisol in my system to get me through an evening of exercise? I decided to take a chance.

Upstairs I rushed through an upper body weights session. It was too busy to get near the pull up bars so I threw in some bicep curls then managed three sets of flat body pull ups just before the 5.45 class got out.

Dee's Gearshifters crew took over the 6.30 class. A group of us sat in the back row chatting and being a bit more vocal than usual. I ate a banana before the class started and felt good the whole way through. I had another banana at the end of the class while waiting for the second class to begin. I was still feeling fine and definitely not feeling like my cortisol was bottoming out.

About halfway through the second class I finally started to feel a little sore. Thankfully this was about when Dee decided to play Zombie, from the latest release. I loved it and it gave me just the pick-up I needed to get me through. By the time we finished everything was hurting but I'd survived. I dashed home to my medication and a big bowl of pasta.

Wednesday ended up being an unintended rest day. My legs were feeling pretty sore and it started pouring with rain right before I finished work. Yes, I wimped out. I made up for it on Thursday morning by doing my 15-10-15 interval session on a spin bike on the fourth floor at Extreme. I brought along my SPDs and had Flo and her four personal training clients for entertainment.

I can't say the bike workout was fun. Mostly it just either hurt or was mind numbing. Next time I don't care how windy it is or how hard it's raining, I'm taking Cleo out! All the same my heart rate never got up over 150, despite being drenched in sweat, so I'm still not sure I went hard enough. It was good to get it done though, because I really want to work on my speed on the flat.

After the bike workout I did about two thirds of a leg session before running out of time. I was still feeling pretty sore, but a good physio session that afternoon helped get some movement back into my sacroileac and iron out some of the knot in my right glute. A rest day on Friday (again unintended) helped even more.

I woke this morning feeling quietly confident about today's ride. I was ready for some hills. What I wasn't expecting was to find myself faced with a time trial. Gaaahhh! At least it was a nice morning ...

We biked slowly around to Shelley Bay, stopped, then lined up slowest to fastest. For some reason, because I'd been one of the first few riders to the Bay, I ended up being one of the last to be set off. I'm not quite sure how that happened! Carrie left thirty seconds before me and I had to chase her pink jacket all the way around to Lyall Bay. I was happy just to be able to keep her in sight.

Deja Vu. I set off when Dee told me to go and the next 25 minutes or so were all about the hurt. My quads were screaming, my lungs were hating me. My chest hurt for ages after I finished. As if that weren't bad enough I got overtaken by Lauren at Moa Point, and by a couple of other Gearshifters guys not long after that. And yes, I know Lauren's a lost faster than me, but did he really have to?!

Now I'm just waiting for the official results to go up on the website. I'm dreading finding out that I was slower than some of the people I'm hoping to be able to come in ahead of this time around. I've been saying that I'm so much faster on Cleo. I want the evidence to show it!

After we'd regrouped I somehow ended up leading everyone off towards Owhiro Bay. Without a computer on my bike it was difficult to judge my pace and I even got told to slow down at one point, which was odd. I nearly got taken out by a truck at one stage and had a car fail to do a u-turn in front of me then honk at me when I rode around him. There was a lot of cycle-hating going on out there today, but the weather was too nice to take it too seriously.

Up Happy Valley and then down Brooklyn Hill. I overtook most people on the way down. Cleo just feels too good not to! Back through the city, stopping at pretty much every light and then we were back at Freyberg already. We all had coffee at Parade and then it was off to get the grocery shopping done and prepare for the arrival of the refugees from London.

This afternoon Lola went to a new home. A lovely guy stopped by to pick her up. His wife is just getting into triathlon and wanted a road bike and I'm thrilled she is going to a good owner. I ended up getting $280 for her and given that Mike at Penny's said she was worth $300 I'm happy with that.

Up again tomorrow for a two and a half hour ride. I'm itching to go for a run, it's so spring-like out there, but I should restrain myself. Perhaps I should just eat Dalek cookies instead.

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