Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Dinner this evening, Little Boys Duck and Porcini sausages, served over a sage and lentil risotto.

On the drinks menu, a shot of tequila at the stove, and a glass of Pinot over dinner.

I'm liking this cooking thing at the moment. Earlier this week I cooked a smoked chicken risotto, adding some baby peas and a shot of Limoncello. The liqueur added a hint of sweetness to the chicken, and the whole combination worked extremely well.

Tomorrow I'm going to cook Thai chicken meatballs over coconut rice, and I'm planning a buttered chickpea (a vegetarian alternative to buttered chicken) meal with basmati rice for later on this week. Tomorrow afternoon I'll cook up a pot of curried kumara soup to have for lunch at work on Monday.

It was 8.5 degrees in the hallway all day. I kept warm by doing housework and not sitting still. The temperature could have something to do with my renewed interest in cooking!


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Set the base rate, such as 2 zł. "Small Blind" is equal to half the rate (1 zł), the "big blind" is equal to the (2 zł). During the first two rounds of betting every time if a player wants to conquer it must do exactly the size of the basic rate, ie you can only raise exactly two zł. However, during the third and fourth rounds can conquer just about exactly twice the basic rate, which in this case about 4 zł. As a rule, may be max. Four raises per round of betting. Conquer the UNLIMITED (no limit) Same as above. set is small and a large "dark", while in the later game you can raise the rate of any large, although most established certain minimum, for example, can raise by no less than the size of the "big blind". You can also meet with the principle that you can not conquer a less than he did last conquering player in a given round. In najpopularnieszego poker or Texas we can play, of course, so that everyone plays as much as he wants, everyone for your money. Or you can play TOURNAMENT. As a rule the tournament is that each player to take part in it must pay to "bank" a sum of money, such as $ 10 Each then receives an equal amount of chips, such as the 10,000 in chips. And every game so far until we run him these tokens (ie, the virtual checkout). The order of players on the podium is determined by the order of their collapsing. I mean. first place goes to the player who has been to the end of winning the All segments possible tokens, the second player, who was also the end, but lost the first between the winning players, etc. is divided by the total amount paid to the "bank".
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