Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Front, back and sides

I took a risk and booked a session with an apprentice hairdresser at Is Bliss hair salon in Taranaki Street. Three hours and multiple cups of tea later, this is the result. I can highly recommend Jessie to anyone! Jessie was ably assisted by my former senior stylist Ang. How could I have ever left you Ang? I promise I will be back!

This is only the second time I've posted a photo of myself that hasn't involved me looking sweaty and/or wind-blown and dressed in running gear!

Leonie will be pleased to know that I missed Jog Squad tonight thanks to Jessie and Ang (and it was quite nice to have the excuse not to go). Today has consisted of sitting on the sofa reading, writing and watching The Notebook on DVD. Tomorrow I'm off to Greytown for the day, and Friday might have to be that gallery session I've been talking about.


leonie said...

WOW! very nice! can't wait to see it in person (and the rest of you)


Sass said...

The hair is great! Well worth missing sprints over;p