Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Friday Night Thoughts

Four tracks into the new Crowded House album it's still a Neil Finn album to me. Track three was a little more early CH, but overall so far it's all about Neil.

Oh boy, I need an iPod. It's not that I'm a late adopter, it's more that I won't use something that I don't see as being of use to me. This week I've needed an iPod. That's a new thing for me, but I'm going to go with it.

I'm over the Harry Potter hype. I haven't pre-ordered the book. Nevertheless I'm going to go out tomorrow and see if I can pick up a copy somewhere. I do want to read it before the spoilers become unavoidable.

It still hasn't really registered in my mind that I'm getting up to run tomorrow morning. I've drunk too much and eaten too much and I'm going to wake up dehydrated and feel annoyed with myself. I've been reading back through my posts and eating too much seems to have become a theme. I don't want to binge eat. I want to be totally healthy. The overconsumption has to stop. I mean it!

I really am an addict. When Duck sent around a txt this afternoon to let us know she was teaching RPM at 10.30 tomorrow morning my immediate thought was "cool, I can run, then do RPM, then fit in a Balance". Slap me. Slap me now.

I'm on holiday! I don't feel like I'm on holiday. Possibly that's because I still have to go in on Monday to have a performance review meeting with my acting manager, and I have a Ministerial Submission to chase up while I'm there. Plus I'm meeting everyone for Yum Char on Wednesday, and going to a colleague's leaving party on Friday night.

Collecting for charity is fun. It helps to wear approachable and pretty pink stuff (thanks to Leonie for the pashmina, and yay for pink boots) and to give everyone a big smile, whether they donate or not. Collecting outside your office helps too! The good karma lasted for most of the day.

I've been ashamedly grumpy lately. Waiting half an hour for a bus tonight and two hours for our Indian to be delivered didn't help. I need to relax and remember that it's up to me to choose whether to be grumpy or not. I could equally choose to be philosophical and to think about something else.

I accomplished a lot at work the last couple of days. I'm good at my job. I need to ask for the opportunities to show it.

There's more going on with my parents' health than they're letting on. I need to start paying attention.

I want to run the Manawatu half marathon in August. I need to fit in a couple of 90 minute runs to reassure myself that I'm fit enough. Time to prioritise the running again.

Having said that, perhaps I need to set a goal to complete a standard length triathlon this summer. I am soooo fit enough. S**t. I need to get back in the pool.

Small vanity moment - getting dressed in the bathroom this morning I caught a glimpse of some ab'age in the mirror. Oh yeah - now THAT's why my obliques hurt.

I got annoyed with a colleague tonight when she talked about contributing to local charities rather than international ones like the Red Cross. That's fine in theory, but the problems in the more disadvantaged sectors of New Zealand society can hardly be compared to those in places like Darfur, for example, and should largely be handled by central and local government.

People say the most wonderful things about my poetry. I love what they get out of them and the feedback gives me new insight into my own words.

Enough. If I haven't already said too much I very soon will. Time to go to bed. Goodnight!


Sass said...

I hope your run went well! I'm so enjoying my day free of exercise so far ;p

Pip said...

Hehe, the run was good. Will write more about it later... when my eyes get too sore to read any more Harry!

Kate said...

Enjoy Harry!! I'm trying to slow down and make it last!
I'm doing the 10k in Palmy in August- hopefully it'll be nice out there.