Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poetry Thursday: Weather with You

Every where you go you always take the weather ... Poetry inspired by a party, a calm still evening over Wellington harbour and a storm front.

Thanks to Philip C for the gorgeous photo. I love this talented local photographer. He captures the spirit of this city so well.

Internal Turbulence
Winter is within today,
cold winds of malaise and
a hoar frost of discontent.
I watched the front move in
indomitable from the South.
I could not run nor shelter,
nor escape the clouds that
gathered on my horizon.

I watched you all dancing
last night in the warmth
and wondered whether you cared
about anything at all but the
gentle breezes that encircled
you in the room together.
The iced droplets of my cynicism
created a fog that separated us,
creeping around my arms so
that I could not reach out.

I do not wish to be this
snow maiden shivering in a
chill of my own making.
Tomorrow I will climb
Mt Kaukau until I finally
ascend above cloud and
stand in stunned awe gazing
up at the sun that was, after all,
always there and only briefly
dulled by the dark nachtmusik
of a weary mind.

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Pauline said...

the form of this poem is a nicely done with steps and turns and a grand twirl at the end...

Crafty Green Poet said...

Wonderful photo! Very atmospheric as is the poem. I like the way you have evoked the sense of alienation and i like the phrase 'hoar frost of discontent'.

Catherine said...

Your poem does go very well with the Crowded House quote - and I know the feeling of a brisk climb to lift a bad mood. Great photo, it makes me nostalgic for Wellington

Lisa said...

I agree it seems like a dance - very descriptive and universal in it's feeling - I've felt that way before. Very nice.

gautami said...

Weather is the mosr beautiful inspiration. This has so many layers just like the weather.

Constance said...

Great line: "The iced droplets of my cynicism"

This poem made me think, a good thing!

tumblewords said...

hoar frost of discontent - will stay in my mind a long time

The union of profound words and exquisite photography is a great gift!

sister AE said...

I like "cold winds of malaise." This brings new meaning to describing someone's mood as "stormy!"

Steve said...

This made me think of that song,

"Weather with you!"

Thanks for popping by my site.....

Your insight is to be commended.
But then again, just what was if about? Each to there own idea and thoughts.

...deb said...

It is an amazing photo, and the scene you set matched it. Great details--the references to the natural world carried me.

AnnieElf said...

"...shivering in a chill of my own making..." marvelous line. Self-knowledge helping to overcome the subject's gloom.

Becoming Amethyst said...

"The iced droplets of my cynicism" ~ I'm really feeling this line :)

Rethabile said...

2nd stanza's awesome. Nice job.

Holly Mac said...

I really like this piece. It resonates with me. I am the consummate cynic, so I am all to familiar with that feeling of living in a rain cloud while the world basks in sunlight.
Thanks for sharing!