Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Mad Kind of Day

Today has been notable for its moments of oddness. It started out with the unbelievable sight above. Our 10 year old female Burmese, Ede, hated Tissy, our fluffy moggy, when Tissy was a kitten. She wouldn't even be in the same room with her and almost moved out of the house for six months. To see them eating from the same plate - so much cuteness! I had the warm fuzzies all morning.

From there things got increasingly bizarre. From strange guys initiating random conversations in the lift to a guy wandering round the weights floor at the gym in a tiny pair of white shorts and a t-shirt a couple of sizes too small for him (and he wasn't a small lad), to the water that suddenly started streaming down from the ceiling of our floor. We're on the 13th floor of an 18 storey building and apparently there's a server room above us. Something went wrong with the ventilation and suddenly there were bulging ceiling tiles and buckets everywhere. Thankfully this time around none were near my team.

I left the office at 4.45 to make my way to Extreme for RPM, and was greeted with this:

Some poor road worker put his jack hammer right through a water main. Someone wasn't having a good day.

Skirting the flood I made it safely to the gym and then proceeded to do three RPM classes followed by ten minutes of cadence drills. I was fueled by an Em's Power Bar (Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip), which I swear was crack. It's release week so I got to hear release 48 two more times (on top of the two repeats on Saturday). I've decided it's probably one of the best crafted releases ever. Sure, I wouldn't have said I was likely to have any of them individually on my iPod, though they are definitely growing on me (One Love!). I just think they are all pitched nicely and they all fit really well together. It's as if the track selectors have finally gotten to grips with the new RPM format.

I was thrilled with how each class went tonight. I can honestly say that I didn't hold back in any of them. I left it all out there in the crank room. However I also felt strong and consistent the whole time. Even during the last hill I was still working the dial even though my legs were burning. I never run out of energy. Thanks Em!

Add to that the 8k run we did last night with the squad and it's turning into a solid week. I am still going to run tomorrow but it will definitely be pitched at an easy recovery level and pace. I have another big weekend ahead so I need to let my body get over tonight's punishment!

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