Friday, September 03, 2010

First Spring Storm

It's been beautiful all day here, but the weather forecast was for a big Southerly storm to hit at some point, bringing rain, wind, and snow down to 400 metres. At around 5.30 tonight it landed, bringing spectacular thunder and lightening and a rather intense hail storm. Thankfully Hamish made it home on his scooter in the nick of time. I was drinking wine at work and stayed in the office till the worst was over.

I'm supposed to be riding with the Gearshifters squad tomorrow. It's our first Taupo training session. Last year I remember it pouring with rain and there being gale force winds. We rode 5k then the majority of us turned around and legged it back home. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. Most of this is supposed to blow over by the morning so hopefully we might get a bit wet and blown around, but nothing too serious.

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