Saturday, September 04, 2010

First Gearshifters Taupo Ride

I woke at dawn to the most perfect morning for riding imaginable. I got up just before 7, sent out a 'woohoo' on Facebook, then straight afterwards realised there'd been a 7.4 quake in Christchurch. Damn.

All the same, it was time to ride. Around 45 cyclists gathered at a perfectly still Oriental Bay for an introductory cruise around the Bays and back via Brooklyn.

We kinda took over the footpath. We tried to keep out of people's way, but inevitably there were a few irritated glances.

However the ride itself was heavenly. Cycling round the Southern Coast was strange. There was a big dump of snow on the Kaikouras last night and looking across at them it was hard to not think about how close the quake seemed. There will be a few people setting up emergency packs round here now.

After the ride I cranked out a slow 7k run - well - a 7k shuffle. It was so lovely that it was more just a case of being out there to enjoy the day. Running AND riding in the same day? I guess I'm back!


Dusty said...

Thanks for the pictures, gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your return!

leonie said...

holy shit. i want to come home and ride gearshifters with you.

you will just have to enjoy it enough for two (three counting nic)

stunning day for a bike ride!

Pip said...

Will do - it was definitely great to be out there again! I ended up being put in charge of a couple of newbies, which was nice.

Nic asked, but I'd already planned to get your bikes tuned up for you guys enough to get back out on the road should you so wish while you're here. I'd love to go for a nice ride with you both!

Andrew(ajh) said...

Sounds like a great ride, you didn't say the distance, but how ever far, a ride and a run is impressive!

Pip said...

Ah well, the ride itself was only around 40k and relatively flat. Lots of work to do before the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge in November!