Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Post for Calyx

A unicorn picture, to help you get over the trauma of the blister pic!

An abbreviated day of exercise today. I did my usual spin class before work but got stuck in a meeting so missed Balance. I would have swum but for the reluctance to risk getting pool germs in the still-healing wounds in my mouth.

Tomorrow calls for lower body weights and a forty minute hill run. Clare's taking a Balance class at 6.30 so I'll run then join in. Mmmm .... post-run Balance classes are the best!


Calyx Meredith said...

:-D Love it!!! Trauma erased.
Now, what's involved in a Balance class? I've never heard of them. Why are they especially great after a run? (See, I'm always learning new things from your blog!)

Sass said...

Ooh pretty unicorn!

Wah 6:30 balance with Clare wantsssssss iiiiiiiitttttt! But I have to be home by 7:30 to meet prospective flatmates:(