Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks Everyone

Christmas Present, 2008

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last freakout post. I had no idea there were so many of you out there! I'm going to write a response to you all (especially Nic - who is dead right that Rotorua needs to be handled as a project), but I'm a bit busy with life right now.

I got a bit stressed out in the lead-up to Christmas and it's taken a bit to find my equilibrium again. It all hit home one day in the middle of trying to change Cleo's tire, resulting in a temper tantrum, a few tears and the realisation once again that I needed some time out.

A lovely couple of days in Taranaki with the family helped (though there was damage to the waistline). I've been doing a little running, a little cycling and I'm preparing to amp things up again this week. I'm grateful for so many things and amazed every day by this life and the world around me.

Things are good!


Kate said...

I'm sorry you needed to hit breaking point before taking a break, but I am so glad you managed to get a bit of time out :)

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