Thursday, December 04, 2008

Obviously having way too much fun

Do you think that guy behind me in yellow hates me? I think this photo was on Kuratau, but I'm not sure. I'm liking my relaxed position on the climb.

I have no idea where this was taken! I'm also wondering what happened to the photos taken by the two photographers on Hatepe.

Other than the two little Pxts from my race report these are the only photos from the day so far. I'm pretty happy with them though. I was clearly enjoying myself!


Anonymous said...

I just found you blog and it is great! Great pictures, you do look like you are having a fun time.

Calyx Meredith said...

Those are GREAT pix! You look way happier than I've ever felt riding uphill! This was definitely your event. Thanks for sharing.

Marshmallow said...

Ahhhhh I love the big grin on your face, you look like you're having a blast :-D

Catherine said...

You do look relaxed! How's the poetry going? I tried to check back on Leonie and found my bookmark to her blog isn't working. Does she have a new blog tucked away somewhere?