Monday, December 15, 2008

Junk Miles

This should have been a more upbeat kind of post, but I think the time has finally come for a rest. I spent a wonderful day yesterday NOT doing the Makara loop on Cleo. Instead I spent the afternoon in the garden in the sun and loved it.

Today was a different story. I shuffled my way through six to seven junk kilometres. I was slow, my left knee niggled, my right ankle niggled. I think I need new shoes. It was rainy and windy and this time the weather was not exhilerating. I was over it and wanted to go home. I cut my planned run short and accepted defeat.

On top of all that we have a diagnosis for Mum, although it's not 100% confirmed yet. We have to wait on the results of the biopsy, but hopefully they will be through this week. Ironically it's not cancer, but it's treated with cancer drugs. It's going to be an interesting year. Thankfully it looks like it's reasonably treatable, which is at least something. One thing is for sure, with my dodgy genes I should not be reproducing!


Sass said...

Ah so it wasn't sarcoidosis then? Sucko about your run but it wasn't exactly optimum conditions. Sally and I ran up Mt Vic and I walked the steep bit near the top 'cos I was like "meh, I've got nothing to prove right now"

Calyx Meredith said...

Rest can be a very good thing. Sounds like you were listening to your body - and that's always a good thing. "Reasonably treatable"? Hope that goes really well for your mom.

jacker said...

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