Sunday, November 30, 2008


Or, 160km of awesomeness.

Or, Pip does Taupo!

Official time 6.32 hours. Ride time as per my cycle computer (not including stops) 6.20.

Woot, woot, woot, woot, woot!

I'll write a proper race report later, but for now I'll just say that it was a beautiful day, if a little too hot (32 degrees on Hatepe apparently) and I enjoyed every second of it.



Sass said...

Woo hoo! I was so glad when I got your happy text yesterday that I had to exclaim out loud...but then my friends just looked at me confusedly 'cos they didn't know what I was talking about;p

You were aiming for around 6 something weren't you? And did you manage to get some good sunscreen young lady?!

Pip said...

Thanks! I was aiming for around six and a half so was spot on. If I hadn't had to stop three times I would have beaten my target by over 10 minutes.

My sunblock application seems to have worked quite well. I have one scarey livid red strip on my left leg where my shorts rode up, but other than that I'm fine!

I'll post a detailed race report when I can summon the energy to write down everything I have to say!

Kate said...

Excellent work!

SUB6 said...

Great work! Congratulations :) Have you decided on your plan for 09 yet? :)

Look forward to the extended blog version

Pip said...

Hi all, long race report posted!