Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost Time

My bed is covered in cycling gear, power bars, gels and general weekend detritus. Cleo is waiting patiently in the hallway for the morning to come.

I'm still sick but I can hear and I can, for the most part, breathe. I'm not running on full lung capacity by any means, but I will at least make it to the startline and I fully intend to finish. How long that's going to take is still open to bets. I fully anticipate that I will need to stop at some stage, even if just to take medication. Even so, I am excited and as of this moment looking forward to it!

Hopefully in 48 hours' time I will have cycled 160km and will be off to Dee's accommodation for a barbeque and to get thoroughly squiffy on half a glass of wine.

Lake Taupo, here I come.


Marshmallow said...

Best of luck!

Kate said...

Have a great time!

Sass said...

Exciting! You probably won't get to read this before you head off but I'm cheering for you! You've worked hard for this so enjoy it:)

Pip said...

Thanks guys! Am feeling a little better this morning and am hopeful of feeling a little bit better again by tomorrow. Let's hope the weather's like this up there!

Eeee - nearly time to leave! Will let you all know how it goes!