Friday, November 21, 2008

Almost ...

I had taken today off work, thinking I was still going to be in Taranaki. It was a beautiful morning, even if that horrid wind was still howling away, so I decided to stick to my plan to do a hill circuit around the Bays - Sutherland, Houghton and Alexandra Rd.

After breakfast and messing around at home I got changed and headed out the door not long after 10am. I'd only just turned onto the Ridgeway and was no more than a few hundred metres from home when my phone rang. It was Mum calling to say that she was on her way to hospital for more tests.

That was my riding done with for the day. I threw a bag and Cleo in the back of the car and started driving northwards again. Two hours into my drive (halfway) my phone rang again. Mum was on her way home from the hospital and a specialist Oncologist would be looking at her scans on Monday. If she is going to have a biopsy it won't happen till Tuesday at the earliest.

I sat on the side of the road in Sanson talking to Mum and Dad for a bit longer. Eventually I turned around and drove two hours home again. By the time I got there it was 2.30 and I was starving, not having eaten since 8am.

By the time I'd managed to get some lunch together I was feeling decidedly non-active. It was still a gorgeous day even with that aforementioned nasty wind, but I think I can be excused for feeling too tired and unmotivated to be able to haul myself and Cleo back up our 46 steps to the road and around the Bays again. Besides, the Gearshifters are riding nearly 100km tomorrow and there's still Sunday to get my homework in.

In the meantime I will repeat after myself: You are not lazy, you are not unfit, you are not huge! If I say it enough times I may believe it ...


Kate said...

You are NOT LAZY OR HUGE! You are more motivated and active than ME and I am hell of a lot more of those things than your average active Joe. I'm amazed by how well you seem to be managing your life and everything at the moment- you know what matters and don't worry about the things that don't,

Pollyanna_H said...

Oh Pip, you poor thing. What a terrible next few days you and your family are going to have. Think positive thoughts, don't torture yourself.

And the positive thoughts include "You are slim and gorgeous, you can do it" etc - NOTHING with a "NOT" in it - that is reinforcing the bad messages!

You can and will get through the immediate and longer term challenges - kia kaha.