Thursday, June 05, 2008


My ankle ached a little when I first got up, then improved as the day went on.
My body surprised me by not really being sore at all after last night's run.
I did half an hour on an exercise bike. I lifted weights. I did 24 full pull ups (over three sets) and 30 assisted pull ups (also over three sets). I did three sets of single leg press, three sets of walking lunges and some quality core work. My legs did what they were supposed to do, even after 15km of hills.
I managed not to fall asleep at my desk, despite a scrappy night's sleep (thanks to the aforementioned run). This is possibly because I wasn't at my desk very much today, but then I also managed to stay awake in all my meetings, which was no mean feat.
I dealt with everything that was fired at me and reacted in what I hope was an articulate, considered and intelligent fashion. I think I was effective. I don't think I wasted anyone's time. I gave advise and it was useful. I made requests and they were responded to. I was asked for my opinion and was listened to.
I drank two very enjoyable glasses of red wine then baked a chocolate cake for morning tea tomorrow. The cake consists of 200 grams of Whittakers Dark Ghana chocolate, six eggs, 225 grams of butter and 200 grams of caster sugar. It's questionable whether it's even a cake really. It's kinda more like fortified chocolate. Plus it's gluten free, which is great for the Celiacs in our office.

All up it was a pretty good day, which means it must be nearly time for bed. I think I might run tomorrow.


Kate said...

Wow- superwoman!!!! TWENTY FOUR PULL UPS!!!!

That cake sounds divine. Hope it tasted good :-)

I think I'm going to try to get a decent ride in tomorrow instead of faffing around with a du. Hopefully next month I'll be a little more sorted.

Pip said...

More power to you if you do get a ride in tomorrow! I was put off the duathlon by the forecast of heavy rain, hail and strong Southerlies! Let me know if you're going to do a duathlon next month and I promise to be more dedicated myself.

I ended up going for a very slow five km run this morning in that Northerly. Nothing like your 20km, but my legs were just dead! I followed it up with a Balance class and will do RPM tomorrow then try another run on Monday. The anke's feeling pretty good.