Monday, June 30, 2008

Smoke, Smoking ...


Brilliant run tonight. When Sarah told me she and a few former Jog Squadders were meeting at Extreme for a run after work I jumped at the chance to run with a group. I hadn't counted on the group consisting of some of the speediest runners. I fully expected to get left in their dust, particularly when the woman in charge elected to run along the waterfront, up Tinakori Rd, down Bowen, then up and over the Terrace. Needless to say her chosen route was a little more challenging than I'd been contemplating!

Luckily, after two days of sloth I had fresh legs. We set off at a cracking pace which I was certain I wouldn't be able to maintain. By the train station I was warning that I might back off. At the bottom of Tinakori however I was still there and was, unexpectedly, feeling great. I was sure I would drop off up Tinakori, but at Bowen I was, once again, still there. We raced down Bowen and then turned up the Terrace. By the time we reached the lights at the intersection with Salamanca I was a few short metres behind, but once we started downhill I was on pace again. I was almost disappointed when we headed down the Dixon Street steps.

I decided to hoof it a bit back to the gym and sprinted quickly but comfortably down Dixon Street then slow recovery-jogged down Taranaki to the entrance of the gym. I guess Sarah was right. I seem to be a little faster than I used to be. I wish I'd worn my Garmin!


Sass said...

I believe your garmin would have said your pace was...smokingly fast;p

Marshmallow said...

Hahhaaha Sass stole my words! ;-)