Monday, May 12, 2008

So how do you know?

I've 'run into' a common Pip dilemma. Sigh ...

Last week my left ankle (the good one) was feeling very sore after each run. If you'd asked me to locate the pain I would have been hard-pressed to do so. It was a kind of jarred, bruised feeling, vaguely localised within the ankle itself. I decided I needed new shoes, and bought some on Saturday.

Yesterday I did my Monday leg weights. It was cold at home and I had plenty of time before 4.30 RPM, and I figured doing them on a Sunday afternoon would mean I could sleep in this morning. Which I duly did! My last run had been on Friday, and I anticipated that my ankle would be good to go for a run tonight. I was even getting excited about doing a few treadmill intervals.

However by this afternoon I had a nagging feeling that my ankle still wasn't quite right. I jumped up and down on it a few times and, although it wasn't painful, there was a slight ache that threatened to turn into something more serious if I went out and ran on it for an hour. So, with a big sigh, I headed home instead.

So, did I do the right thing? Have I gone from one extreme (running in agony in order to stick to the programme) to another (an overcautious wimp)? Either way I'm still sitting here feeling huge and unfit. Stupid, I know, but that's just the way it goes!

It's not even like the rest of the week is going to be slothful. Tomorrow I'll do Balance and RPM. Wednesday I'll run with my new posse. Thursday I'll do my usual bike/Duck combo. Friday I'll run with my posse again. Saturday I'll aim to run for at least 70 minutes (preferably 80 to 90) followed by Balance. Sunday I'll ride if the weather permits, or try the weights/RPM combo again. So, ankle permitting, I'll still be getting three runs in and two RPM. If Duck fills in for Thursday RPM again then I'll end up doing three. Alternatively, if the ankle likes the new shoes I'll throw in a bonus run up Wadestown Rd.

So I'm praying to the ankle Gods. If they're merciful they'll allow me to increase my mileage this week to something vaguely resembling a half-marathon training plan again! Oh for the days I used to run for 90 minutes on a Saturday without even thinking about it ...

On a more sombre note, I was half-way through watching a 60 Minutes item on a "super-obese" (the term used by the journalist) woman tonight when I spotted some photos of her as a child and realised that we were friends at school. I remember her as being obese even then and that she appeared to have family issues, the extent of which she never spoke about but which were mentioned briefly during the item. I also remember her as being very intelligent, an A student who had a lot of potential but who also had some big walls to scale. It broke my heart when she said that she wished people wouldn't assume that fat people were stupid. She seems extremely self-aware and determined, and I hope with all my heart that she is successful in finding herself some happiness. She certainly deserves it.


SUB6 said...

I've no idea where to find the balance with an 'injury' like this. I am in the same boat but with a race on Sunday I am keeping off the ankle.

I'd say take it easy though and err on the side of caution ... but then again I'm probably on the wimpish side :)

Pip said...

Yes, in the past I've erred too far on the other side, so being wimpish for a change probably isn't a bad thing! I ran 2km on a treadmill last night before Spin, and it's not feeling toooooo bad. It's so lovely here today I'm going to throw caution to the wind and head out at lunchtime!

Kate said...

I know blog Pip well enough to say with 100% certainty that you are FAR more likely to do too much than too little!!!!

Pip said...

Er yes, which is why the run up Mt Vic at lunchtime today MAY possibly have been overdoing it a bit. But it was sooooo lovely out there!

We'll cross fingers and see whether the inflammation is any worse tomorrow!