Friday, May 16, 2008

Quick Update

Well, the ankle's holding up, but then it's been a fairly light week. On Tuesday I made it to Balance at lunchtime, then followed that up with RPM that night. On Wednesday I met with Emma and co for a run at lunchtime. We ran from the Terrace around to Freyberg, then back to Majoribanks Street, up Hawker, and then continued onwards up Mt Vic. I didn't get as far as I would like, partly because I was worried about my ankle, partly because I had to get back to work. It was a good strong run though. I followed that up with a 6.30p.m Balance class after work. Nice!

On Thursday morning my ankle was a little achy, but not any worse than it had been previously. I did a 35 minute hill programme on an exercycle, bumping it up a level higher than normal before being subjected to an hour of Duck. As a result my lats and abs are, well, a little sore. Sore in a good way though!

Today I ran again. On Emma's advice I stuck to a short, flat run. I managed to fit around 6 brief kilometres in between meetings and I managed to keep up a good, strong pace. I'm becoming rather good at negative splits. It was such a gorgeous day I would have loved to have just kept going and going. I didn't seem to do too much damage to my ankle, and I think the trick may simply be to not run consecutive days for a while until I build its strength back up. I did notice that my shins felt tight today, so I'll make a point of stretching them out next time I'm near a foam roller.

So the plan for this weekend is to fit in two solid workouts. Tomorrow I'm getting back on Lola and meeting some of the Gearshifters. We'll be at Freyberg at 8.30 should anyone else be interested. As always I'll be the blonde on a red, silver and black Diamondback Interval. If I have time I'll fit a Balance class in as well.

With that in mind I'm planning to fit in a 80 to 90 minute run on Sunday. I'm thinking of running from the Taranaki Street gym and around the Bays to Kilbirnie, then up over to Newtown and back towards the city. That's only 10.6km, so I'll continue running around towards and down Thorndon Quay as far as needed to make up the extra time.

Cross fingers!


Kate said...

Yay riding!

Are you sticking to the flat route because of the ankle? Because there are so many amazing places you could run in 80-90 minutes....!

Pip said...

Well, I'm always keen on new running routes! I picked that one because it's familiar and I don't have to think about it too much, but I don't mind a few hills if I get to run somewhere a little more interesting.