Friday, May 23, 2008

Miraculous Recovery?

After feeling off all Wednesday I told myself that I was delusional if I thought I'd be better by 7.30 Thursday morning, so at 10p.m. I sent Duck a txt to cancel our session. I woke up at 6a.m feeling well enough that I would otherwise have gotten up and headed for Extreme. It was just as well I'd already sent off the txt. The sensible voice in my head told me it wouldn't be a good idea to push myself so soon after the stomach upset.

At about mid-day on Thursday I was sitting in a Select Committee meeting (aaah, the excitement that is the life of a Project Manager) when a little voice in my head started complaining that it was starving. It seems my digestive system had suddenly decided to start working again and that the bread and soup I'd nibbled and sipped on the day before was not enough to sustain me long term.

By mid-afternoon I felt fine. In fact, I was feeling in major need of a good hard workout and was also feeling very Duck-deprived. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when you're gone, Ms PT! I wanted weights. I wanted functional exercise at a high intensity level. I was jonsing bad ... And I know you told me not to work out again until after this weekend but you had to know that was never going to happen. Which is why I'm glad you weren't around to see me sneaking into the gym after work last night!

Six flat kilometres around the Bays later at a sub 5.30 pace and I decided I'd done enough for the day. It's possible my stomach was perhaps only 98% better and there was the slightest hint of nausea floating around. I called it a day and went home to a chicken stirfry dinner and small glass of wine.

Today I was supposed to meet with Emma and Dave and co for a run up to the Gardens, but work got away on me and I lost track of time. Besides that, it's cold, wet and windy out there. I've been hanging out to do a treadmill interval session so I think I'll head next door some time this afternoon instead.

I'm getting on a plane tonight to spend the weekend with H's mother, and tomorrow I'm meeting Marshmallow for RPM at Les Mills New Lynn. On Sunday my Garmin and I are heading out for a long run around Auckland's central suburbs. I'm planning on 17km and have vague plans of running from Epsom to the Domain and environs. It's also tempting to head towards Ponsonby, but that involves running down and then up Newton Gully! I have unfinished business in Ponsonby though - my first (failed) attempt at a 10km race went that way.

The other good news - halfway through a meeting this morning I realised that my ankle isn't hurting at all, even with the fairly up-tempo run last night. It seems it may be recovering.

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Kate said...

Sounds great! Meeting Marshmallow will be fun- you can geek out over rpm together.