Saturday, April 19, 2008

No dedication, obviously.

As if it weren't bad enough that I've fallen off the NaPoWriMo bandwagon, now I'm wimping out of runs. I was going to meet Sarah at 9am this morning at the Terrace for a 40 to 50 minute run followed by Balance. I was even really looking forward to it.

Looking forward to it, that is, until 7.30am when it started pouring down. That was ok - I could just through on a polyprop and my jacket.

At 7.45am it started hailing. I'm sorry, call me a wimp but I don't do hail! For the record Sarah, when it started pouring down again at around 9.30 I was selfishly glad I'd stayed in bed. In fact, I stayed in bed until after 1pm. The first of the big Southerly blows of the season has been passing through and the temperature gauge in our hallway read 11 degrees when I finally caved in and turned the central heating on at 4.30.

The cats must be feeling this weather as well. Some kind of truce has been called, allowing all three to be on the bed in close proximity with little or no hissing and stalking off. For most of the morning Ede was pressed up against my right side under the duvet, Gaffer on my left and Tiss on top of the duvet between Hamish and me. If nothing else they double as great hot water bottles.

I'm not holding out much hope of the temperatures increasing enough by tomorrow for me to be out on Lola, but there's a 4.30 RPM class that's always a fun way to end the weekend. Must stop by Kilbirnie at some stage as well and pick up Leonie's bike. Lola's already giving me dirty looks. She definitely knows something is up!


...deb said...

I've fallen off the wagon, too, poem wise. And my four cats go for detente when it gets nippy, too. We've had a bit of snow and hail today. Mid-April, it's supposed to be spring, here in Oregon.

You're dedicated. It's okay to not love cold and to not poem as often as you'd like. That's what I tell myself.

Pip said...

We can keep telling ourselves the same thing! Though tonight the full moon is out over the mountains and the Southerly has fallen still. If I had a better light on my bike I'd go for a night ride!