Monday, April 07, 2008

NaPoWriMo 7: Healing

Without realising it I've written poems about being kind to myself two days in a row.

In Need of Healing
There is nothing much
to be said today.
The words have all
been sucked away,
pulled in by a hip
that pinches and
snarls, reaches
upwards and
forwards, dragging
me with it, radiating
a gagged ache
through my shoulders,
down my right
quadricep and into
my right knee.
Stand and the rope
it holds binds
tighter. Lie and
it bears down,
weighting bone.

Soon I will rip
free of these
bonds, scream
defiance then
once certain of
my strength
soften again,
croon gently to
these punished
limbs, be kind
to myself, and


gautami tripathy said...

Loving oneself is very important and so is being kind to oneself..

You wrote that well!

wicked witch

Jessica said...

Very interesting imagery -- I like thinking of muscles like rope.

Linda Jacobs said...

Yeah, sometimes we just have to write about what is happening to us. This was well crafted. I like how the shape of it looks like a rope of muscle!

Anonymous said...

Ah, rest... would we could all write poems like this to ourselves.
Very well done- a reminder for all of us!

...deb said...

This poem makes me want to wanted through your blog backwards and find the injury. Ouch.

Well written for (with) all the hurt.

Anonymous said...

can you work standing up? too much sitting in chairs will do this to you!

sometimes writing from a different vantage point can be inspiring!

Jan Doble said...

i feel your pains...but i'm not a runner like you (used to be)...ripped my acl LAST march and had an allograft; it is STILL messed up and the surgery did not go well:( i'm living with constant pain...but not just in my's up and down my entire right side. ugh. it is so difficult to accept when our bodies turn on us. yet, you have reason for lots of hope: you are younger than me by far! nice poetry, it conveyed images well.