Thursday, April 10, 2008

All geeked out and off to Marlborough

I love my husband. I told him my Grape Ride adventure, so what does he give me today, the night before I head off to Renwick? Only .... a .....

Garmin Forerunner 305!!!!!!!!!

I've been lusting after these for a looong, looonnnng time. I am so geeked out right now! My new little baby is happily charging away on her docking station and the software is being loaded onto our PC. On Saturday I will know exactly how much further I have to ride, and I will know exactly what pace I am going. No cadence monitor yet - that's another $90, but I think I have enough gadgetry to be going on with.

Oh, and the best bit is that she is the exact red, silver and black as depicted on the Garmin website, which means she even matches Lola perfectly.

So, my last ride may have been dismal, I may have spent the whole week trying to heal my sacroilleac, I may feel nervous and hellishly underprepared, but hey, I'm going to look the part out there. And the weather forecast isn't too bad either.

Though I admit to a feeling of trepidation as I left my bike with Lauren this evening, the guy who is driving us down to Renwick. I really would have liked to have seen her placed safely on the back of his car, but he insisted he could handle things on his own. Sigh ...

This whole Grape Ride expedition feels like a HUGE event. I'm looking forward to it, in between the bouts of nerves!


Sass said...

What a good boy that H is!

Bonne chance for the ride!

Steve Stenzel said...

Ooohhh, congrats on the gear!!!

Pip said...

Hey - I now I've made it when Steve Stenzel comments on my blog!

The Garmin's great. I look like I'm riding with a computer strapped to my wrist though!