Sunday, August 05, 2007

One More for Luck

Three posts on a Sunday night? Yes, actually I do have better things to do (Mary Oliver calls) but I'm going to post very quickly about Saturday's run.

Sarah has already posted about her monster hill run. I wasn't up for it myself. Maybe in a couple of weeks, but not when I'm still on the comeback trail. Instead I opted for 70 minutes around the Bays, on the flat. Four people and two cars led to a bit of logistical juggling on Saturday morning, but I ended up taking Piglet (our apricot VW Polo) off to the Terrace gym.

I left the Terrace at around 8.30 and jogged slowly down to the waterfront as a warm-up. My legs were still fatigued from Thursday, and I knew this wasn't going to be effortless. It was a cool morning with a slight breeze and there weren't many people around. The Herd Street Bistro was just starting to take in its first few customers of the day. Around Oriental Bay a couple in a house truck were brewing up some coffee, the wind turbine on the truck's roof spinning frantically. I passed three other Squadders, two running and one out walking with her partner and dog. I felt happy to be part of a community, and couldn't help notice that nearly every walker or runner that morning smiled and greeted me in passing.

I'm frustrated that I seem to be battling the old mental demons at the moment. My mind is running through a familiar dialog. A voice in my head continually asks me why I'm doing this, wonders why it's so hard, pleads to stop, states emphatically that I should just quit. Something says it would be easier to stop pushing, to just go home and be like normal people. But the alternative to running is to go soft, to lose the sharp edges that being so fit gives me. Life would be easier in some respects, but it wouldn't be so bright and shiny. My senses would dim and a part of me would fall asleep. That's a sacrifice I'm just not willing to make. So I will continue to push myself, and that voice will just have to shut up.

This was the first over-60 minute run I've done since the Harbour Capital half marathon, so I'm not surprised it felt hard. Given that and the fatigued legs and in retrospect it wasn't so bad. I stopped for water at Balaena Bay, made it to Greta Point, and stopped again for water at Balaena and Freyberg on the way back. I suspect I was a bit dehydrated, which wouldn't have helped. It took over 40 minutes to settle into the high-mileage stride that got me through the half marathon training.

I made it back to the gym in time to jump up the front of Clare's Body Balance class. My legs really were tired, but I still managed the strength poses fairly easily. I concentrated on keeping my shoulders back and down, and on lifting my ribs around in Warrior 2. I loved the sun salutes, relishing the big intake of breathe as we rose up into extended mountain pose. My balance clicked on both legs, and my hips are opening in response to all the stretches I've been doing since the abductor injury. Even my hamstrings seemed to give a little more than usual.

By the time I met with Hamish, Nic, Leonie and Helen for lunch at the Matterhorn (a table that continued to grow in size as the meal went on), I was hungry enough to devour all three of our cats. I was also growing very tired, very quickly. Once I would have been able to do a long run and a Balance and go home still full of energy. Apparently I'm not at that point at the moment. I spent the afternoon chatting to Helen in our kitchen, all the while fighting an insane urge to sleep. Needless to say, with sore legs today, I wasn't up for anything more strenuous than a one-hour walk into town to celebrate Leonie's birthday at One Red Dog. Two bottles of cider over lunch and I was following Hamish around Mitre 10 wanting to buy everything in the store...

Our LCD TV is now suspended on the wall. I love it when husband gets all home handyman on me! Tomorrow's plans are to rest my legs until Jog Squad tomorrow night. Doing a circuit before RPM seemed to work well last week, so I'm aiming for the same tomorrow.

Now, time to extricate myself from beneath two large, slumbering Burmese cats and go to bed.


Bruce said...

Well done on the long run and for working through those bad thoughts about stopping.

Also loving Body balance, i just picked up a one month LM membership and have done two of those classes now and will be back for more.

Kate said...

I'm not surprised the long run was a mission- you've had a tough few weeks since Harbour Cap.

If you read my running posts from last year, you'll see me in a VERY uninspiring place!! It's swings and roundabouts, but I can promise that the mojo comes back.

What a horrible morning it is- time to face the music and get myself outside!

And lastly, Scottish is great! I think we are a more "all levels friendly" club than WHAC, and our clubrooms are way more convenient for you. I'm not sure how different it'd be than Jog Squad- far less structured. But think it'd suit you- you seem like an adventurous runner who'd enjoy the offroad and XC runs!

Pip said...

Thanks Kate. I know the good runs will come back, I just want them to come back NOW! I was thinking Scottish over Wellington, so you might find me tagging along somewhere near the back of the pack some time!

Good on you Bruce for doing Balance. I find it really helps, as I'm naturally very stiff and really do need to stretch. Are you going to the Victoria Street gym? I really miss the spa complex in the women's changing rooms there.