Saturday, August 18, 2007

Note to self

If going for a 90 minute run on a Saturday morning, do not eat two slices of Vogel's with jam shortly beforehand. You know that's the one thing most likely to make you want to vomit 30 minutes into your run.

Sometimes your body does know best If your body tells you it wants to wait another day to go on a long run then listen to it. If your body says it's had enough, sometimes it really means it. 80 minutes is not a failure.

Darn that Northerly was brisk this morning. I hate how it seems to come from all directions at once! On the plus side, running around the Southern coast was gorgeous, and the Kaikouras were stunning in the distance all covered in snow.

One more run down. Balance tomorrow and a huuuggggeeee stretch.


Sass said...

Heh I will see you in balance tomorrow - am so looking forward to a good stretch!

My run today was Crap Ass (I believe that's the technical term). You know when you get to the end of your 1st 20 mins and it's mostly downhill and you STILL feel not so energised, that things ain't going to go so well.

Pip said...

Haha - that's exactly what happened to me! My first half hour was all downhill (except for that first steep bit from the end of my street up to the Ridgeway) and I still felt cruddy!