Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Round the Bays photos

Well, the electronic versions of my RTB photos have arrived. They looked really good in miniature on the sales website. Funny how they're not as flattering when enlarged! The photo at the top of this post was taken about a third of the way in. I was overtaking lots of people at this point and enjoying myself. Not that you can tell from my expression.

Unfortunately I tend to go very red and sweaty when I get hot, and it was a VERY hot day. I just hadn't realised that my neck and chest go as red as my face does! This photo was taken at the finishline, and I was feeling pretty relieved to be there.

Jog Squad continues to go well. We ran for over 40 minutes on Monday night - a reasonably challenging route with some good hill climbs. Tonight we did circuits around Frank Kitts park and the waterfront. I didn't push myself as hard as I could have done, but still stayed comfortably in the front pack. It was easy to tell which of the Squaddies weren't used to that kind of training, particuarly in the case of some of the faster runners, who ended up languishing near the back. Lots of fun, and I'm feeling nice and fresh on the eve of my double Duck session - personal training in the morning, Multis tomorrow night.


leonie said...

GREAT SHOTS! duck seems to think my running style is great (nice and relaxed looking), i think i look like a retard. no way i'd be buying my photos!

Catherine said...

You don't look so bad to me - certainly nowhere near as red as the red shirt on the guy next to you :)

Pip said...

Trust me, enlarge the finishline photo to full screen and I look VERY red. It's my sweaty tomato look. Very attractive, but inevitable given my colouring!